At Holy Spirit Infants School, all our dedicated staff work collaboratively in a team to support each child! We are focused on developing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students which is dynamic, invitational and one which provokes curiosity and rich learning. With our embedded focus on Early Learning, we seek for each child to flourish and thrive in both their wellbeing and development.


Principal: Ms Diane Murphy

Acting Assistant Principal: Mrs Heather Porter-Kay

Religious Education Coordinator: Miss Jessica Laczkowski


Kinder Blue: Miss Jessica Laczkowski & Mr Brodie Flynn

Kinder White: Mrs Meagan Edwards

Year 1 Blue: Miss Helena Elias

Year 1 White: Mrs Heather Porter-Kay & Mr Brodie Flynn

Year 2 Blue: Miss Sarah Lutze

Year 2 White: Mrs Carlia Collingwood

Learning Support Teacher: Mrs Nicola Matheson

Gifted Education Mentor: Ms Diane Murphy

Pedagogical Mentor: Mrs Heather Porter-Kay

Aboriginal Education Teacher:

EALD Teacher: Mrs Nicolette Fredsall

Science Teacher: Mr Brodie Flynn

Teacher Librarian:


Administrative Officers: Mrs Dot Seamer

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Lisa Bolam, Mrs Amanda Focic, Mrs Leah Shakespeare, Mrs. Janelle Williams

School Psychologist: Ms Eliza Fraser

Library Assistant: Mrs Kay Woods

Cleaner: Mr Trevor Shakespeare

Groundsperson: Mr Trevor Shakespeare