Diverse Learning

At Holy Spirit Infants we focus on the child and we see and appreciate each child as unique.

Our school recognises and celebrates individual differences. Each classroom fosters respect for all. We see diversity as a gift!

  • We have students enrolled from many cultural backgrounds and provide support to English language learners through our English as an Additional Language or Dialect teacher.
  • We have an Aboriginal Education Teacher who works to support the literacy and numeracy skills of our Aboriginal students and to connect them to the land and one another.
  • Our Learning Support Teacher works with teachers to develop Personal Plans for learners with specific special needs and liaises between school, home and external providers to ensure each child is able to experience success and growth. Our LST also engages the CSO Education Officers for support when needed for students with specific behavioural, speech or cognitive needs.
  • Our Gifted Education Mentor works with teachers to develop engaging learning opportunities for identified gifted students through differentiation.
  • We have a Pedagogical Mentor who works alongside teachers in each classroom to target growth for all students in both literacy and numeracy.
  • We have a School Psychologist on site on day each week to support students and families. Appointments may be made via an explicit referral process.