Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care involves all members of the School Community. It values the uniqueness of each person, recognising and respecting their rights. Behaviour Management is most effective in a calm atmosphere. Discipline implies having structures and strategies in place to guide children in accepting responsibility for their own actions. Children at Holy Spirit Infants are entitled to a happy and safe and supportive learning space inclusive of the playground and classroom to learn, play and socialise. Behaviour Management and associated discipline practices evolve from a Pastoral Care perspective as it attempts to promote a respectful, secure and healthy environment in which students grow to be discerning, self-disciplined and contributing members of society. Pastoral Care is understood to be an attitude of mutual respect, care and understanding between staff and students.

Holy Spirit Infant aims to develop self discipline and responsible behaviour in each child. We hope the discipline fostered at this school will be building upon what begun in the home and will be supported by parents.

Parental support in dealing with discipline issues is of utmost importance.  Parents own experiences of school reflect significantly upon the child’s perception of school.  We ask for your support in dealing with matters of misbehaviour.  By showing consistency the child will be clear in what is expected both at school and at home.  Often if a parent is called to school it is to work through a problem and discuss the best way of together dealing with the issue at hand.  Counselling services are also available.  “1 2 3 Magic” and Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) support whole school behaviour management strategies at our school.


Through Holy Spirit Student Wellbeing Policy and Procedure we aim to:

  • Guide the children towards the development of self-discipline and acceptance of responsibility for his/her actions.
  • Develop the self-concept of each child and therefore growth in positive, acceptable behaviours.
  • Grow in awareness and respect for others.

Good discipline is innate in most children however; there are times when the school needs to intervene in order to keep children safe. The approach taken is based on the principles of restorative justice. These principles are based on recognising the impact of poor behaviour choices, identifying replacement behaviours and restoring relationships that may have been harmed.

It is important that the children are made aware of their Rights and Responsibilities and of the sanctions to be imposed for inappropriate behaviour and a positive partnership be developed between parents and teachers in implementing the Pastoral Care and Discipline Policy.